New Gen Packaging

Recycled Paper Bag

  • Made from Recycled kraft paper with (70-80) GSM.
  • Water based adhesive & inks are used .
  • All standard sizes are in-stock & can be purchased unprinted or can be custom printed brand logos & any promotional information as per need.
  • 100% Recyclable, biodegradable & compostable. So, customer can dispose of the bag without a losting effect on planet unlike plastic bag .

Available Sizes

7*10 cm2.5*4 inch
12*18 cm5*7 inch
14*18 cm
5.5*7 inch
14*22 cm5.5*8.5 inch
18*25cm7*10 inch
22*30 cm8.5*11.5 inch
26*36 cm10*14 inch
32*44 cm12.5*17 inch
Available colours

Brown, White, Printed